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House Arrest Systems ("H. A. S."), Inc., has providing electronic monitoring solutions since 2010.  We strive to tailor our systems to the individual needs of our clients and their situation.  We provide these services all over the United States, and even in parts or Canada and the United Kingdom.  Please call us at (423) 521-5635 or email to give us the opportunity to explore what we can do for you!

GPS Monitoring


H. A. S. provides constant contact accountability and structure solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each particular case. We can configure our systems for varying levels of supervision -- i.e. inclusion and exclusion zones, curfews, "stay away order" enforcement, transdermal alcohol monitoring, etc.

Our company is able to track clients 24/7 -- anywhere in the United States! In most cases, the courts have seen the benefit of this to the extent that they have greatly reduced the amount of bail required for an offense while placing the defendant on one of our bracelets. We are also able to monitor their compliance with special conditions required by the court or their bonding company. Violations are reported within one business day!

GPS technology is a great addition to the suite of tools and methods supervising agents/officers use to monitor the movements and compliance of our clients. It allows supervising agents/officers to more closely monitor the movements of clients while increasing the level of community safety. This technology is highly effective, but it is not a replacement for in-person interaction between supervising agents/officers and clients. In fact, no technology can replace the critical person-to-person meetings, phone calls and visits. These interactions between supervising agents/officers and clients provide much needed information that isn’t available by simply looking at a map of tracks.

Call (423) 521-5635 for more information

Alcohol Monitoring

We offer a suite of secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring devices that monitor the offender rather than an automobile -- and our system does so 24/7, where ever they go rather than just when they are at home and within range of a base station! And we offer individual coaching as they address their addictions!

If a violation is reported by the devices, our field agents will dispatch to the clients location for an alcohol screen to confirm the violation. When a violation is confirmed it is reported to the courts by the next business day!

Drug Screening

H. A. S. provides in-house drug screening services, as well as more in depth testing through partner labs.

Program Partnering


While we provide services to individuals, as well as various jurisdictions, we also provide equipment, software and support to agencies -- whether governmental or privately owned -- such as county corrections programs, private probation services, drug courts and smaller counties that are looking to offer community corrections or house arrest programs.  H,. A. S. also works to coordinate services and care of clients who are in other programs, such as Teen Challenge, Transformation Project, C. A. D. A. S., FOCUS, TN River Boatbuilding Program, plus many more.

Domestic Offenders


H. A. S. provides configurable programs for accountability for domestic offenders for 24/7 monitoring!


Our system can be set up with exclusion zones around the home, work, church, school, etc., address of the alleged victim -- and we have an added option for a Victim Alert* which is worn by the victim and warns the victim if the offender comes within 1,000 ft. of that device. This device alerts the victim as well as puts the offender on notice that they'd better stop in their tracks!


* where available

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